If you want to know our endgame, see the picture in the slideshow above. This is Daimon Winstead holding his daughter at a Daddy-Daughter Dance in Richmond, Virginia. We first met Daimon as an inmate at Richmond City Jail. He had a hard look, long dreadlocks, tattoos and wore a jail jumpsuit. To say he carried an intimidating air is an understatement.

After release from jail, he completed the 16-week Fatherhood Resource Class. He now has two jobs and is reconnected with his lovely daughter.  He told his Fatherhood Coach, Jason Boswell, “Since I was 10 years old, no one has ever helped me do anything.” Essentially “orphaned” at a young age, he is still willing to receive the love and the services we have provided. Do you think his daughter will need to look to a boy on the street to validate her feminine identity? Or is her daddy filling that role in a wholesome, nurturing way?  What are the social implications of this?